Dave Stott Plans

Thanks to all the folks who have gotten us plans by Dave Stott.  Thanks especially to Jeff Runnels, who sent us the majority of plans on this page.

We'll post the plans you send here.  

Just Download and build. 

Each plan opens in a new page for easy saving.

The Dave Stott EMBRYO plans will have a special event at the FAC Outdoor champs. For any plane built off of a Dave Stott EMBRYO plan in the GHQ event, there will be a 15 point bonus. These plans are a good place to start. 

Remember that the wing area must be 50 square inches, so in some cases, you might have to resize the plans. The plans below printed full size on letter sized paper should be the right size. Each link opens the plan in a new window.


Embryo Durham Mystery Ship

Embryo Tractable Trainer  

Embryo Belligerent Bomber 

Embryo Ionosphere Intruder 

Embryo Pugnacious Pursuit

Embryo Silent Nocturnal Surveillance


Waterman Racer

Waco Expeditionary

Vickers Venom

Stearman Pilot Trainer

Rearwin Instrument Trainer

Pitcairn Fleetwing

P-51B Airdevil

ONG Continental

Nicholas Beazely Flyabout

Laird Limousine

Junkers W34

Junkers Freighter

Hollywood Hamilton

Fokker B-1

Farman F-170 Jabiru

Fairchild Pilgrim

Fairchild 24-C8A

Dewoitine D 332 Airliner

Cessna C-106 Loadmaster

Alliance Argo

Alco Sportplane

 AITI PT-1 Trainer