Plans and Scale Docs!                    

FREE victory plans for the Victory Event  

The theme model for the 2014 Muncie FAC contest is the "Hung Aereon."  

It will be on the 2014 Tee shirts and will be next year's one design plane. 

Download the plan and doc below. (It's big, almost 7 megs, and printing it will mean either taking it to your local Kinko's or using the "Poster" feature on your printer menu.)

Hung Aereon Plans and doc 

For a Picture of the Details of the Hung Aereon Construction click HERE   


This year at the FAC Outdoor champs,we will honor Dave Stott. At the GHQ event, we will have 15 extra points for a plane built off of a Dave Stott EMBRYO plan. So.... We'll have a few of those plans for you here.  If you have some Stott plans of your own that you wish to share, send them to me at the address on the upper left of this page, and we'll post them.

For all the Dave Stott plans we have (and there are a lot,)

Click HERE

The one design event at Muncie in 2014 is the Comet Piper Cub.. 

See below. We've got you covered, you just build and fly!

 Here are some pictures for documentation; both of the model and the full size airplane. Right Click on the picture to save to your computer:

For the PLAN for the 2014 Muncie Comet Piper Cub 

Click HERE

The scale docs for the 2014 Muncie Comet Piper Cub,  are HERE

The approved modifications for the above Muncie 2014 Comet Piper Cub are HERE

A PDF file with properly sized Piper Cub logos is HERE


Fairchild PT19A 3 view

Fairchild PT19A top view

Chris Boehm's NoCal BD4 Plans

BD4 Plan on one page

BD4 Plan on 2 pages

BD4 Tissue patterns

Keith Rider Bumble Bee Peanut 

Bumble Bee Plan

Bumble Bee 3 View

Full Size Bumble Bee Picture 

Bumble Bee Model Picture


Paul Boyanowski Yak 9D plan

Aviation Review Yak 3 views