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Effective with the 2008 calendar year the Cloudbusters Model Airplane Club meeting schedule will be changed from the current alternate Tuesday meetings to one monthly meeting. The club meetings in 2008 will be held on the third Tuesday of the month excluding June, July and August. If by some chance the third Tuesday is a holiday the sitting officers will select another date to be published in advance. This change will lighten our meeting schedule and also allow members to accept an officer nomination while committing to a maximum of no more than nine Tuesdays per year.


The major changes, other than the meeting nights, that will be effective in 2008 is officer nominations will now be held during the October meeting with  officer elections being held during the November meeting. Perpetual award nominations will be due by the beginning of the November meeting.


It is with regrets that we also have to announce an increase in the club dues effective with the 2008 calendar year. The increase will be from the old Open and Senior membership fee of $10.00 to a new Open and Senior membership fee of $15.00. Junior members dues will increase to $12.00 with a newsletter and remain $3.00 without a newsletter.


The Cloudbusters dues have not been raised in over 40 years and inflation (especially for the newsletter printing and postage) along with member attrition from our older group of members have caused us to fall further and further into the hole. Today we would be operating in the red if not for some cash donations from anonymous members. As a club we cannot continue to operate on donations and luck.


This increase will not affect members who prepaid their 2008 dues with their 2007 membership until they renew again for 2009. The mail label shows the year paid through. It will be colored red on the last issue of paid membership.  If you question whether or not you fall into this group of prepaid members please contact Cloudbuster Treasurer Dan Olah at and Dan will verify your current membership status.


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