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An AMA Sanctioned Class AAA Contest



Presented By:       Cloudbusters Model Airplane Club, assisted by

Detroit Balsa Bugs

When:                        Sunday, May 6 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Where:                      INSIDE SWING Golf Dome, Flint, MI., A Category III site


Event Schedule:

8:00 AM-9:45 AM    Standard Catapult Glider (218), Unlimited Class Catapult Glider (219)

                                    and Hand Launch Glider  (212) - All: (Jr.),plus (Sr., Op. Comb.)

9:00 AM                     Bostonian Judging

9:45 AM-4:00 PM    Manhattan Cabin (205), Limited Penny plane (208), Bostonian (215),

                                    F1L Easy B (217), Mini Stick (220) and Mini Stick Mass Launch,

ROG fly any of the following: Bladder 40, Jetco ROG, Phantom Flash,

                                    Science Olympiad- (Op.), (Jr., Sr. combined) There is no restriction

on rubber motor.

11:00 AM               Scale Judging

11:30 AM-4:00 PM  FAC Scale, FAC Peanut Scale, FAC Dime Scale, FAC No Cal Scale,

                                    (6.2 gram w/o motor), FAC WW-I Mass Launch, FAC WW-II Mass

                                    Launch, FAC Power Scale restricted to: CO2 , Electric( 6 oz. max. wt.), 

                                    1 minute max. for powered models.

4:00 PM-8:00 PM    Intermediate Stick (202), F1D Rubber (203)

F1D will be flown as a Regional Contest for the F1D 2007 Jr. & Sr.

Team Selection Program.

NFFS National Indoor Cup Event

Entry Fee:

$25- post marked by April 20

$30- at door

Jr. &  Sci. Olympiad $1.00


Contest Director

Dan Olah 248-542-8144

Event Managers

AMA-Bill Shailor 248-398-3766

FAC-Mike Welshans 248-545-7601

FAC-Dave Bubolz 248-685-3114

FAI- Fred Tellier 519-944-1933



Name______________________________________________________ AMA #_______________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip_____________________________________________________________________


Contestant Number

Make $25 check payable to: Cloudbusters Model Airplane Club

Send before April 20, 2007 to:          Dan Olah

                                                            25436 Wareham Dr.

                                                            Huntington Woods, MI  48070-1604

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