Best of Show Awards


Aka beauty contest,

Aka dog show


In conjunction with the monthly stunt contests at Stanley Broome Park, we will also be having a “Best of Show” award for the best model that makes a flight.


Rules of Engagement


No entry fee and not much in the way of prizes.


Just the Honor and Glory of Winning.  Who could ask for more?


The airplane must fly on the day of the event.


One First Place, two Seconds, and three Thirds.


Judgment Calls


We will pick six contestants at random.  Each of the six will Nominate one airplane.


After nominations, an Ultimate Judge will be drawn.  Obviously, not an owner of one of THE SIX.  That judge will pick the final placement, according to his honest opinion.


Coupe’ de Grax


The First Place winning model will never be allowed to enter this event again, for all time.  Give somebody else a chance! 


However, if you own the best seven airplanes in Michigan, you can still win every month.



Contact: Royal Oak Cloudbusters, Paul Smith,